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Kula Waiohuli Wedding: Josh & Rachel

Kula Waiohuli Wedding: Josh & Rachel

This was no ordinary wedding. The Waiohuli homestead was the perfect setting for one of the most beautiful & spirit filled weddings I've ever been apart of on Maui. Usually, wedding's are solely focused on the celebration of two lives coming together, which is a beautiful thing, but there was a spirit filled atmosphere that everyone took part of throughout the whole day. Here are some of Josh & Rachel's photos from their wedding day!

The day began with Rachel in the make-up chair of Jessica Waite. 

The rest of the bridesmaids were a couple rooms down the hallway, applying their own make-up and styling their hair.

The wedding dress, created by Grace Loves Lace.

Beautiful bouquets created by Anake Jill.

Taking a couple moments to enjoy the moment before putting on the dress.

Everyone was caught by surprise when the bride's mother walked into the room. The bridesmaids all had to walk away and get tissue so that their tears wouldn't mess up their make-up!

Some of the many details found around the beautiful wedding venue, All the signage was created by Impressions of Aloha.

The groom with his groomsmen, moments before starting the ceremony. The groom was also mic'd up for the videographers, Rachel Angela Designs.

The bride & groom shared a beautiful moment right before the ceremony by praying together.

The guests were treated by one of the best views of the West Maui Mountains.

After the bridal party walked down the aisle to take their positions at the alter, Josh was love-stuck, watching his future bride making her way down to him. 


Choosing to honor both sides of the family, Josh & Rachel went through different wedding traditions throughout the ceremony, ending with taking communion.

The big moment....

After being announced as Mr. & Mrs. Lockhart, the couple dance down the aisle 'Bulletproof' by Citizen Way, with the bridal party following suit.

The weather couldn't have been anymore perfect for bridal party portraits.

Upon arriving at the reception tent, the couple went right away into their first dance.

As the sun began to set, I couldn't wait to make the most of the beautiful landscape & colors for the bride & groom.

Josh & Rachel were so natural taking photos. Their big personalities came out easily & often through out their portrait session. It was such a fun time! 

Starting the session with the sun, we ended it with the moon rising above Haleakala. 

After the wonderful toasts, Rachel surprised everyone, even Josh, when she got up to sing a song dedicated to there new husband. 

Some friends and family came all the way from Oahu to perform and bless the new couple.

The evening continued with the cake cutting, bridal & bouquet toss, money dance & father/daughter mother son/dances.

After the wedding activities, the dance floor came alive! It was perfect timing since it began to get cold once the sun set. Everyone gladly joined in on the dance floor to heat themselves up!

Josh & Rachel, it truly was such an honor to have been able to capture your wedding day. There was such a tangible spirit of love and aloha that enveloped your whole wedding day and I believe that every guest was blessed by witnessing your marriage. I couldn't have asked for better weather and a more beautiful sunset. I pray that your wedding photos be a constant remind of the love you have for one another. Thank you again, I appreciate you both. Mahalo - Aaron

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